Alert ID Travel Alert Tags and Attachments

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Double Travel ID Tag pack
Travel in style and abandonment with Travel Alert. These smart, unique and highly visible travel ID tags that leave nothing to chance!

If your baggage arrives somewhere it shouldn’t and many do, rest assured that the Alert ID Incident Response Centre is open 24-hours a day to receive the found baggage call and you will be contacted immediately!

The Travel Alert Tags carry a clear message that the owners details can be obtained by ringing the Incident Number found on the label. Each label also comes with a Unique ID which is unique to your luggage. So in the event of loss the finder can contact our Incident Response Center, and they’ll let you know your luggage has been found and assist in its safe return to you, whereever you are!

Material: Soft PVC
Colour Black, White and Purple
Length: 52mm
Width: 52mm
Thickness: 3mm

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