Key Alert Fob (3 Items)

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Visible Identification for Property
Visible Identification for Property

The Key Alert Fob carries a clear message that the owner’s details can be obtained by ringing the Incident Number found on the fob. Each key fob also comes with a Unique ID which is unique to your keys. So in the event of loss the finder can contact our incident response center, and they’ll let you know your keys have been found and assist in its safe return to you!

Our service allows you to provide us with as much or as little information as you like. Your information is stored and managed securely online and used by our Incident Support Centre to facilitate the return of lost or stolen property.

Material: Soft PVC
Colour Black Wristband with Purple and White Information
Pack Contents: 3 x Key Fobs
Fob Length: 45mm
Fob Width: 23mm
Fob Thickness: 2mm
Chain Length 35mm