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BEIDS Horse Toggle

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Single Horse ID Toggle pack
Single Horse ID Toggle pack

Riding out is not only risky for the rider, it leaves the family at home anxious too! BEIDS provides 'peace-of-mind' for both rider and family.

"UK Air Ambulances attend an average of 38 riding accidents every week, BEIDS makes our job easier by providing a riders' medical history, next of kin contact and ownership of a specific horse" Simon Gray, Vice Chairman Association of Air Ambulances

A BEIDS horse toggle does not prevent an accident from happening but it will ensure that in the event of sudden accident or fall by the rider leaving the horse loose and on its own, once it is found the finder has a really simple job to do to ensure that horse and owner are safely reunited. The finder simply telephones the 24/7 BEIDS Emergency Response Team who will immediately contact the horse's owner, vet, stables or family as required with details of the incident and contact details for finder. NB: in the event that a saddled horse is found and there has been no report of a rider accident or fall, the BEIDS Emergency Response Team will raise the potential incident alarm with the rider's family.

A BEIDS member can be sure that if their horse is found needing assistance whilst sporting a BEIDS horse toggle the following actions will be taken:

On discovering the BEIDS horse toggle the finder sees the words 24/7 OWNER AND VET INFORMATION

They can then telephone the 24/7 UK or international telephone number displayed on the horse toggle which is answered by a member of the Emergency Response Team

The finder is asked to quote the member EMERGENCY ID number displayed below the telephone number.

Contact details for the finder are recorded together with brief details - for example - the horse has been found wandering in the road, fully saddled with no rider. Horse appears to be Ok but excitable and requires collecting. Finder can stay with horse for next 30 minutes. Member to be contacted immediately.

All contact details and incident data is relayed to the member, stables and family as instructed by the member's BEIDS register entry.

The BEIDS team liaises with all parties until horse and family are reunited.