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BEIDS Wristband

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Riding out is not only risky for the rider, it leaves the family at home anxious too! BEIDS provides 'peace-of-mind' for both rider and family.

"UK Air Ambulances attend an average of 38 riding accidents every week, BEIDS makes our job easier by providing a riders' medical history, next of kin contact and ownership of a specific horse"
Simon Gray, Vice Chairman Association of Air Ambulances

Anyone can become ill, have an accident or simply need assistance at any time. Riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents and falls when riding in the UK countryside and on roadways.

A BEIDS wristband does not prevent an accident from happening but it will ensure that in the event of sudden illness, accident or fall, the 24/7 Emergency Response Team will pass any registered medical conditions requirements to the emergency services and immediately contact the rider's family and next-of-kin with contact details for those dealing with the incident.

A BEIDS member can be sure that if they are found needing assistance whilst wearing a BEIDS wristband or hat badge the following actions will be taken:
On discovering the BEIDS wristband the finder sees the words 24/7 EMERGENCY NEXT-OF-KIN AND MEDICAL DETAILS
They can then telephone the 24/7 UK or international telephone number displayed on the wristband which is answered by a member of the BEIDS Emergency Response Team
The finder is asked to quote the member Emergency ID number displayed below the telephone number
The attendance of an ambulance is determined and actioned (if not already by the finder)
Registered medical conditions and crisis plans for the rider are relayed to the finder and or emergency services.
Contact details for the person dealing with the incident are recorded together with brief details - for example - member is a rider who has been found unconscious after a fall and is being taken by ambulance to St Thomas's Hospital, Westminster Road, London SW1 due to arrive 13:20
All contact details and incident data is relayed to the family and or next-of-kin as instructed by the members BEIDS register entry.
The BEIDS team liaise with all parties until victim and family are reunited.
NB: When a rider is found and the horse is missing - the BEIDS Emergency Response Team will use the NECD (National Equestrian Crime Database) Alert system to warn by text message all NECD members within 10 miles of the rider, that a horse is loose nearby and to contact BEIDS if seen.

Useful for riders - adults and children, especially anyone with medical or allergy condition(s).
Available in a choice of sizes; Female 180mm length or Male 202mm length
Made from soft PVC
Displays 24/7 UK and International, emergency response telephone number
Displays unique identification number for registered person

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