Alert ID Pet Tag

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Single Pet Alert ID pack
Pets go missing! It’s a fact and every year in the UK, around 400,000 dogs and cats are found stray!

Unfortunately, the Dogs Trust, The Blue Cross, Dogs Home Battersea and other pet charities often end up with perfectly kept and obedient pets, the reason being the pet ID is either non existent, cannot be read or the owner has changed their phone number.

The Pet Alert ID Tag carries an Incident Number on the front of the disc and a Unique ID stamped on the back. Calling the incident number will put the finder of your pet through to our 24/7 Incident Response Centre where they will be able to identify you and your pet using the unique ID. They will then use this information to ensure your pet is returned to you safely.

Material: Metal
Disc Diameter: 22mm
Disc Thickness: 3mm
Chain Length: 60mm