Alert ID Equip Alert Mobile Property Badges

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Alert ID Equip Alert Mobile Property Badges
Securely identifying personal equipment is not easy, however with Alert ID, the 8-pack highly visible, Equip Alert labels, are suitable for virtually anything including your mobile phone, laptop, passport, wallet, purse, iPod, camera etc.

Each label is extremely adhesive but can be removed without damaging your property. They are not anti theft devices, but do enable whatever is found to be returned to you in double quick time.

The Equip Alert Labels carry a clear message that the owners details can be obtained by ringing the Incident Number found on the label. Each label also comes with a Unique ID which is unique to your property. So in the event of loss the finder can contact our Incident Response Center, and they’ll let you know your property has been found and assist in its safe return to you!

Material: Self Adhesive Plastic
Colour Black, White and Purple
Pack Contents: Small Plastic Wallet containing 3 large and 2 small labels
Large Sticker: 59mm (length) x 19mm (width)
Small Sticker: 45mm (length) x 39mm (width)