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Alert ID Multipack (2 Items)

Sales price £17.00
Size selection Wristband & Identity Card
The Multipack includes:

1x Single ID Wristband pack available in a choice of sizes; Female 180mm length or Male 202mm length
1x ID card

The importance of carrying Identification cannot be underestimated and has joined forces with the UKÕs leading identification specialist service to provide members with a 24/7 Emergency Support Service, ID wristband and ID card.

The wristband can be used for sports especially when running or cycling and the ID card can be carried in the wallet, purse or pocket.

For new members, the multi pack includes a full year of 24/7 service (saving an additional £15.00) From the Emergency Support Team. Family personal, pet, horse and property records can be updated online at any time.

The multi pack makes an ideal present for family and friends with diabetes and gives you extra piece of mind knowing you are giving someone extra protection in their day to day lives.